So I’m a father now. Yeah it’s been that long! The last time I blogged was when a million little me were doing the Indiana Jones bit, looking for the egg, and one of them got through, the one that is now more than six months old and lovingly blows food on my face.

Life has changed.

Sleep is no longer a luxury to be indulged in. Trying to sleep is now like trying to hold in a fart, the one that you can’t, and it rips, smells like something that you stepped into and that requires the new shoe to be thrown out rather than scrapped off.

But it is all so bloody brilliant.

He looks like me but behaves like her. Some days it’s the other way round. He day dreams like me and he smiles like her. It is this amazing fusion of our qualities that we both imagined turning out in a thousand different ways, and it still came out to be an awesome exception.

Life is good.

I don’t remember how it was without him. He’s the one who puts me to sleep every night. Wonder how I managed to sleep for all these years. His way is so beautiful. I especially enjoy the unexpected early morning kick in my crotch. Each time I hold him high in my arms and look at him with pride; my creation; my love; he keeps me grounded by peeing in my face. He makes me work hard after a hard day’s work. It never tires me out though.

It’s all in his smile.

Life is good.


Written by MRTanmay

Father | Gooner | Above & Beyond Fan | Photographer


  1. Wow! Wonderful!
    I had almost forgotten what I felt when I became dad. I still don’t know.
    You have strength and ability to express it.
    I think it is just a start of a journey called becoming dad. It have no destination.
    Wish you a very very long journey!

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