"So what if I can't exercise my right to education, I have a phone! Educate me phone !! Educate me !!!"
“So what if I can’t exercise my right to education, I have a phone! Educate me phone !! Educate me !!!”

I have been blessed with the company of some extremely intelligent beings over the course of the last 30 odd years of my now obese life. I was average at an average school, made to sit alongside one of the smartest chaps who shamelessly had the guts to tell our Algebra teacher that she was teaching it all wrong. Yes he said that, walked up to the board and requested her to introduce us to his way of solving the problem. By the time I finished removing the extremely well hidden fragment of spring onion from my tooth, he was done explaining and I knew life wouldn’t be the same. Well for him.

We went on to different colleges for graduation; different cities for the post graduation; different countries for jobs. I can’t really put a pin on it enough to say that ‘I found my calling during my masters’ but I started doing alright at some point over the course of the never ending education that was my life. My friend continued living up to everyone’s excellent expectations and I have no doubt would be securing his doctoral in the coming years.

So when a tiny frail kid, loitering around in his fathers sweatshop, spends time on his Idea cellular phone graduating from a dumpling of a fantasized university that has the guts to call themselves IIN, my father would have snatched that Quadcopter out off the air and crushed it into an aluminium Gulab Jamun to be force fed to me. If not this, he would have atleast walked up on to the stage to remove the thick spectacles of his recently turned geeky boy, thrown them on the stage floor, and jumped on them until they turned into fine powder; powder that when sniffed could help induce some semblance of creativity expected from an advertiser.

I get that there are fine margins while catering to the Indian audience, a large part not having access to good education due to varied constraints in this case; I get that. What I don’t get is the audacity to sensationalize the standard learning/educative feature now available on the phones with their network.

There’s two very wrong things in another of their adverts on the same topic.

A lady from Haryana with a dupatta covering her head complains how girls/women like her are unable to get out of the traditional house… and then she makes new friends (all on the Idea network by the way) and sits with them inside the house, with their phones open… doing what… studying !!!

I don’t know what’s more wrong here. Is it the idea that deprived women don’t need to stand up for their right to education but instead buy a new sim card to sit in their prison and study. What if all her friends are on Vodafone? Better still what if she runs out of balance? Is that a full stop to her education ? Is she going to learn how to write or is typing a barometer of literacy in our country now?

When will advertisers stop passing off their stinky farts as perfumes !!!

Dear Idea, “No ullu banaoing….please” !


Written by MRTanmay

Father | Gooner | Above & Beyond Fan | Photographer

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