Saw this movie several weeks ago but between biologically growing a spare hand to build the Noah’s ark at work and offering myself as a domestic slave on a nightly basis to the other half, it is little surprise the routine has left me with no time to blog.

Do note if any of you want a real review of the movie, you should stick to commercial reviews from experts elsewhere and not this humble, personal and extremely opinionated blog.

The boy in Boyhood (Image Source:
The boy in Boyhood (Image Source:

Boyhood is a stupendous work of art. A film usually has a start, an end and a whole lot of drama in between. It has a premise, which it sets out to prove, or it has a wrong that one sets out to righten. Some have a social cause, an inspirational character or whatever it is in the name of god our Bollywood decides to dish out. The underlying similarity is, despite the roller coaster of emotions a viewer feels while watching any movie, the pattern of story telling can be plotted as more or less a bell curve or an inclined curve. There always exist points where we lose interest and gain it back over the course of two odd hours. This movie however, breaks the stereotypical notion of cinema in its rawest form. It stomps on it and does an Anglo-Indian fire dance to honour its demise, if that’s a custom.

It is a gripping piece of art that has you connected with a small boy and his subsequent life over a period of 12 years. Yes the movie was shot over a span of 12 years! Have you heard of anything like that before? I hadn’t. Imagine, visually witnessing the characters genuinely age in front of you, emotionally growing on you. We are so accustomed to drama that we keep thinking of things that could go wrong in each scene of the movie. We have been forcibly spoon fed on how a story should be over the years and this piece of art defines life on earth, family ties, and the emotions every ordinary human being feels, in the truest of forms.

I would hate to give anything away in this movie. Yes it is three hours long but you won’t notice it. Yes, there’s no melodrama but you won’t miss it. Yes there are no songs, but the events will sing to you. This is a movie, each person must watch because it not only defines what a movie is meant to be, it speaks to each of us, in its own different ways and will move you to respect everything that is happening to you in the form of life.

Thank you Richard Linklater and team.

Written by MRTanmay

Father | Gooner | Above & Beyond Fan | Photographer

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