Anything she can do...
Anything she can do…

Aamir Khan has undergone a metamorphosis unlike any other actor in the Indian cinema. Well apart from his latest co-star maybe. The ‘once upon a media shy’ actor has never been more connected with the masses in the recent years. He has taken sincere efforts at understanding the domestic issues that plague our country and has repeatedly tried to deliver awakening social messages through his films. ‘Talaash’ aside, his movies have always stood out when it comes to helping people break the bad, ugly and the absolute clusterfuckse of a country that India is. This latest offering aims to tackle the hijacking of the concept of God by middle men.

The movie contains the master who is a delightful alien on earth searching for his stolen ‘remote’ that is required to head back home. The first half might have you gasping for air in fits of laughter on moments that make us human beings look at ourselves live out our innocuous lives. The screenplay is hilarious and Aamir Khan’s narration in the simplistic hindi accent is quite plainly, hilarious. Anushka and her lips continue to frolic around in Belgium  as the movie starts and the fact that she has been repeatedly shown near water bodies does not help us forget how she now looks. She is an exceptional actor which shows in the movie and quite why that wasn’t good enough for her is a question she would no doubt be asking herself. The guy with the cute voice and cricket coaching acting biodata is good in his short cameo and gets to kiss Anushka standing a kilometer apart. Hirani & Co. have a good team and it shows.

The second half is where the movie turns into that smell from the month old leftovers in your refrigerator. The movies feels as if it has got a completely new screenplay, director, actors hell bent on dishing out Aashique III Returns sans the talented Shraddha Kapoor’s acting school of over dramatics. Common sense, logic, the social message and the film agenda, are quite literally, poked in the rear, similar to one of the scenes in the movie. The movie ends, thankfully, with Aamir departing the planet in an ocean full of tears, carrying back hundreds of duracell batteries to power his pleasuring device- his Indian radio. For god’s sake, he is an alien. If there is another alien race in this universe, I expect it to be smart enough to not require a tape recorder to play Anushka’s poems. Blame Spielberg for fingering this stereotype deep in our brains.

It felt as if I was watching two different movies, one which showed us what it meant to spectacularly achieve, and the other which was an agonizingly dull commercial cinema. In one scene at the end, the lady from the Pakistan embassy is talking on a land-line phone and the people around her quite oblivious to what is being said in the receiver, continue to dish out an avalanche of acting. The movie despite failing the grand purpose it set out to achieve, tries to end by getting our hopes high for a sequel by showing Aamir returning to earth with Ranbir. Hmm… who else gives us hope…Oh my god !

Written by MRTanmay

Father | Gooner | Above & Beyond Fan | Photographer

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